My Never-Ending Wordle

My Never-Ending Wordle

My wordle

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You aren't the only person who suffers from "word vomit." I, too, feel almost panicky sometimes, if "details" are left unsaid. It is ridiculous! I feel I must always give a background leading up to the present event/story. That said, I have been working for YEARS in trying to curb/control this . . mania, if-you-will.

Michele, it is okay to "vomit" here. In a book format, it depends upon the reader. I, for one, steer clear of books that, to me, go overboard in detail. Patricia Cornwall is one author I can think of. While detail is important, it can become . . .irritating; for impatient people such as myself.

I try to remember my speech class in college. In writing a timed speech, one is forced to compress the gist of the message in a given period of time, as I am sure you know. You go on and write what your heart tells you to write. If you ALWAYS feel bad afterword, for "blabbering" (like I usually do) then edit. Otherwise, let the words flow. Remember, you want to share your story to save others. On the other hand, all we can do IS share the story. YOU cannot save the world. Plant a seed . . .let God do the rest.


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