Hairy Knees

I noticed a small amount of peach fuzz on my knees yesterday. Big deal, right? Well, it's just that I have had patchy regrowth on my legs and very little as far as armpit hair goes ever since my chemo. Not really having to shave, I think of this as a silver lining to having had the chemotherapy and radiation from hell. I was riding in the passenger side of my husbands truck with my feet propped up on the dash board. I like to ride that way because it takes the pressure off my lower back. The sun was shining and it was hitting my knees just right. I noticed about 10 or 12 very fine hairs on my right knee. I hastily looked at my left knee and noted a few additional stray hairs have appeared on it as well. Why these hairs came back I don't know. I wish they had reappeared on my eyelids or eyebrows which are quite miserably thin now. Maybe they have been there a while, although I don't really think so. Who cares? (That's what you are most likely thinking.) Well, here's the thing. Shaving to women, albeit a pain...almost drudgery really, is a normal part of life. It is a rite of passage when you are around 12 years old. It seems essential when you are a young woman. It turns into something you have little time for when you are a new mother (but you make time - believe me. You do.) And like I said before, it turns to drudgery as we age. But, it is something normal to do. I really like doing normal girl things. So now I am going to share a secret. I have been shaving "for fun" all the while! Though I must have missed a spot or two because I have hairy knees :)
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!!!! Love that. I also do not have any underarm hair and my "public" hair is much thinner...but I do have a bit of hair on my arms and legs. Wonder if more will return someday. Let's compare "hair notes" soon. (Gone yesterday, hair today!)
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Michele-- I so very much enjoyed the time when the hair on my legs didn't seem to be growing back after treatment! That lasted a good year or so, then one day I realized a shave was in order. Now it's a regular thing again. However, I will say that in the winter now, when jeans or pants are the thing, I don't use the razor nearly as ofen as I used to! With summer here, it's back to the "drudgery!" Martha
Michele, I so love your attitude! Isn't it funny how the little things are so important and can really make your day! Enjoyed reading your post! Penny
Funny how we map our progress after treatmentwith the little things that happen. I suddenly noticed through my treatment that I still had a full head of hair although lots came out but my lower region was hairless!! Slowly did come back although not quite so thick. Never thought about legs or arms through treatment as I suppose I was concentrating on other things. A year out and I an back to all the things we ladies did before but actually there definately is less hair which is a bonus.Annabelle
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