It's Just the Right Thing to Do

As I am preparing the opening remarks I am going to be giving at our upcoming Relay for Life event (I am the Honorary Survivor this year) I was scanning back through my book looking for a passage that might relate to the cause. I came across this one that I wrote in December last year and thought it was quite fitting of the occasion so I thought my BFAC friends might "dig it" too: Enjoy! I woke up cold this morning. I had been up a couple of times in the night to go to the bathroom and snuggled back under the covers after each trip and fallen back to sleep each time in my "warm spot" in my bed. But at about 4:50 AM I woke up and I was cold. It was not the kind of "cold" that occurs when the covers slip off and expose an arm or a knee that is easily remedied by adjusting the blankets. I was deep down cold and was aware of the goose bumps that peppered my body even under my warm winter pajamas. My back was to my husband and he was breathing slow and steady on his side of the bed. I reached behind me keeping my arm under the covers and barely touched my husband on his hip. "What's wrong?" he asked as if he had been laying there wide awake waiting for me to need something. I answered with two words. "I'm cold" I whispered. Not another word was necessary. He instantly rolled over to "spoon" and draped an arm protectively over me. His warmth quickly transmitted to my body relieving the chill I felt. (I have always said I sleep with "the heater"). I snuggled back down in the covers and leaned against him falling back asleep in a few short minutes. I barely remember him getting out of bed at 5:30. I got to thinking about this today. At first I thought "How lucky am I" to have a husband that loved me so much. Then I thought about how simple the words we'd exchanged in the early morning hours had been. Two words each; "what's wrong" and "I'm cold". That's it. Simple question. Direct answer. That conversation lead to a simple solution provided out of love. I think we don't ask the question my husband asked me often enough in our everyday lives. "What's wrong?" At first I thought I was thinking this because it's Christmas and I feel like we should reach out to our fellowman. We all feel the need to help others...during the holidays especially. But there are lots of responses to that simple question that exist year round. "I'm hungry"; "I'm homeless"; "I'm jobless". Or how about "I'm sad"; "I'm scared" or "I'm lonely"? The thing is, I don't think we ask that question often enough "What's wrong?" Maybe that's because the solutions to the many answers that follow such a question may not be simple. I've "been there" the last couple of years of my life (in the "not simple" category). Maybe we can't always provide the solutions. But I have to wonder is that really a good reason not to ask the question to begin with? I say no. We should ask and ask often and help when we can. Maybe it's the holiday spirit within me or maybe it's just the right thing to do. As for me, I think it's just the right thing to do.
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Well said, Michele!
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You have such a way with words. You also have a wonderful husband. So few words spoken but your needs were met physically, mentally and immediately. What's right? Your relationship. :)
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Thank you dear Michele..for the tears you made me shed. Beautiful.
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so nice to read....
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