Safe is a Better Word

I got the results of my MRI. The good news is it is not tumor regrowth. The other good news is I don't need surgery as it will not solve the pain problem and their in lies the bad news which is there is no simple solution for my chronic sciatic pain. My sciatic nerve is just jacked plain and simple. It had a tumor grow on it once and I had a pretty major back surgery which effects all those nerves. Sprinkle liberally with radiation and you have chronic sciatic inflammation. After going over all the options I think I am going to go with the physical therapy first. I am kind of holding out against another epidural injection and this is based completely on fear. The last one I had was the worst experience of my life and for those of you that follow me here you know that I have had some pretty tough times. Epidural injection is the number one worst with ass biopsies in the butt doctors office a close second. I really want no part of that right now. I know I could change my mind if the PT doesn't help relieve this pain. I just get weary of it. I can start the day okay with it but by 8 in the evening I have had enough of the pain and just want a little relief. So, update on me: Today I had a little bump on my right upper arm removed to be biopsied. It's most likely nothing, but I am "cancer girl" now and cannot be trusted and this bump has doubled in size in the last 6 weeks or so. My family doctor removed it and I have 3 stitches to show for it. It looked like an over sized BB with tentacles in the little specimen cup floating like a miniature jellyfish. It doesn't worry me though. My doctor and I both suspect it is a fibroma and nothing more. (Skin just reflecting its age and really that's it.)  So now my butt and arm both hurt but neither one of them really worry me, they just annoy me, which is better than kill me. This makes me happy. Perhaps "happy" is too strong of a word. Hmmmm...I feel safe. Yes, "safe" is a better word. 
Mary sent you a hug.
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I'm so glad you are feel better:)

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