Flip Flops

Many of you know I spent last weekend getting some intense, much needed "lake therapy". After the stress of an MRI and the wait for results the get away was very welcome. The time was spent relaxing, swimming, reading, eating and a whole lot of boating thanks to our very good friends the Stephensons and their generosity. They are some of the neatest people we know and have been a huge support to me and my family. Gary has personally helped to make some of bucket list wishes come true and is always on the ready to help with another wish if he can. One evening we decided to just take a cruise on the boat and see what was going on around the lake. As Gary flipped the switch on the hydraulic lift to lower the boat into the water we all scrambled onto the boat each of us stepping out of our flip flops as we did so. We weren't planning on getting out of the boat so the plastic sandals weren't necessary. I looked at the pile of our flip flops as Gary backed out the boat, each pair temporarily abandon by their owner just sitting there waiting for our return. We took our ride and sure enough when we pulled the boat back into the slip there sat the pile of shoes waiting to be reclaimed by their owners. I got to thinking about this, and flip flops, to me, are a lot like everyday life. Occasionally we abondanon our every day life, like taking a vacation for example. We "slip off" our every day life and go have some fun for a while and then we come back and step back into our lives once again and do what we do. Having a life changing illness is a lot like this. I had to step out of my everyday life and go off and fight this beast called cancer. The only difference is when I got back to my life things were different. It really was waiting for me, like the flip flops, right where I'd left it. I guess my life wasn't different, I was the one who had changed...for the better. I am not just wandering around in my life anymore. I am deliberately living it, each moment, every second of everyday I am acutely aware of my existence. So this is my take away, enjoy the "ordinary" and appreciate the ability to do what you do everyday. Take lots of vacations and leave your flip flops on the dock every chance you get! They will be waiting for you when you get back but how you choose to wear them is up to you :)
Annabelle, Jeanne sent you a hug.
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Michele, what a beautiful image and thought. Thank you for this. Thank you thank you!!! XOXO
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Wonderfully said, Michele! Hugs!
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Fantastic analogy Michele although I think sometimes our "feet" come back somewhat the worse for wear - maybe we need something a bit more supportive then flip flops. Mayday x
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You write the most perfect analagise Keep srong Annabelle
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Well said!
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You are so right! What a great analogy. I just got back from my beach trip and Monday morning putting on real shoes after wearing only flip flops for the week was difficult. Thanks for the post!
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