One Blessed Girl!

As a result of my compultion to share my entire anal cancer journey with the world on my many blogs I have discovered that the sharing of information in such a public manner has resulted in me being sequestered to the "dog house" on more than one occasion. I am finding that I am in this self imposed situation pretty often. I try to tell the folks who should not read about any of my scan results or condition changes for the first time on cyberspace. These include, but are not limited to, my husband, children, sister, parents, in-laws, and besties. The list actually can go on and on. But try as I might one slips through and they find out by reading or worse yet, when somebody else asks what they think about Michele's "such and such" scan results. This is awful, simply put, because I know how much other people pray for me and deserve to be "in the know". It's like my inner circle has grown to encompass everybody. There really is no inner circle anymore, it is just a circle. A circle of friends, family, coworkers, church members and neighbors. I end up calling people long after the post has been made hoping to catch them before they hear via some other route. (That's where the dog house comes in.)

I have no idea how many people I know. Facebook says I have about 850 or so friends. That number seems inaccurate. Who really "knows" 850 people? I know lots of folks that don't even have a Facebook. What I do know is that I can palpate the love that surrounds me. A love so great that I know it is generated by the many people that care about me. I feel every prayer being said on my behalf and they lift me higher than any bird can soar. I am more than lucky. Nobody gets this far on the path I am destine to travel on luck. God is my stronghold. He gave me my "rock" and husband, Jerry and the support of an astounding family and my besties! Then He provided me with this circle of hope that is made up of friends, some of whom I have never even met in person. This is a tremendous gift! I am stunned by the generosity this represents. I know what this means and I am going to say it here first....I am one blessed girl!

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Michele-- I agree! One is truly blessed to have family, friends, both personal and cyber, to get us through the tough times. I really didn't know how much someone could care for a person until I had cancer. Hugs-- Martha
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It is so true, Michele! ....and not just with the advent of FB. 35 years ago, when I found out I was expecting my first child, we called the future grandparents. My mom, we got; my M-i-L was at a bridge game, so she found out the happy news listening to the car radio on the way home. My mother was on a talk show and bubbling over about the first grandchild. There was some dog house even there, LOL.
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 That is hilarious! Sh** happens, right? LOL
Michele, Happens to me all of the time! My kids will overhear me talking to someone on the phone and the next thing I know they are in my face saying "you never told us that!" I blame chemo brain! I don't really have it but what the hell, I don't get a chance to get out of many of the the things I do, so call me an opportunist! I do like reading your posting. Being stage 4 also, I find it very reassuring that you are out there fighting the same battle as me! And doing a damn good job of it too! Always, Maya
 Why thank you, soul sister!
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