A Bit of Cancer "Scripture"

I received a text a few nights ago from my daughter, Maggie. We text each other a lot, especially when we are watching the reality TV that we love so much. It's almost the same as watching it together and we often banter back and forth in text form just as we would if we were the family room together. ANYWAY, this particular evening I was lying on my bed watching "Parenthood" and she text me "Isn't that amazing?" I text back "Yes." wondering if she was talking about the commercial that was playing on my set. She replied "I thought it was hilarious!". It was a car commercial, so I text her right back with an "Ummm, what are you watching?" She responded with "Chopped." I told her that I was watching "Parenthood". Maggie went on to say that she wasn't watching that. She had seen the previews and in her exact words "NOPE. Can't make me...". Well the episode this week portrayed one of the characters being diagnosed with breast cancer. It was caught early and really tiny. Maggie avoids that "sad, scared, a mother gets diagnosed with cancer" kind of show of any kind. I answered her with an "LOL" then informed her that it was breast cancer. She answered me with a "No kidding...always the boobs...never the asshole. Haha." I text her right back with the title of one of my previous blogs "Everybody loves the boobies!" She went on to tell me that to be honest she'd rather lose a boob than her butt hole. She knows I would never wish my anal cancer on anybody...ever. She also knows I struggle with the lack of support of rare and otherwise "below the belt" cancers and that I am envious of all the things available to people with breast cancer. I have been working on just staying focused on what I need to do to raise awareness and work to develop resources and not obsess about what everybody else has. This television show and this conversation were not helping my quest. So I thought for minute, and this is what I sent. "Who am I to point out a speck in my neighbors boob when I clearly have a board up my ass? Answer me that!" She answered me with a long "Hahahahahahahahaha! That's the best thing I ever heard!" I respond with a "Just sayin..." and she retorts with a "OMG...you have to blog that sh**!". I tell her OK and she informs me that I am hilarious. I don't know about that. I was simply sharing a bit of cancer "scripture" :) PS: You can follow me on twitter now @CrazyAssCancer
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Hahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just summarized every experience I have had when people ask me what kind of cancer I have. I always wish I could say breast cancer because it's so much more glamorous....I get this blank look when I mention my anus. Sometimes I say colon just so people won't give me that look...
 Oh Alicia, you are so very right!!!! I said that right out loud when they were telling my story on our local TV station. I said if you want to shut a room up just say you have anal cancer. LOL
 Good for you Alicia!!! People have to realize that all body parts can suffer cancer, and people they know may be involved. Let them give you that look! I was interviewed in the local paper as one of the organizers of the cancer survivors conference and I said that one of the worst things was knowing that your friends would think "kinky sex!" as soon as they heard "anal cancer." We have to fight that stereotype as well...
Well said Michele! I still really don't understand why people are so weird about this; we all have an anus, as well as a colon and all those other bits. I thought about calling it "peri-intestinal," and then decided I'm not going to enable people to pretend the lower half of the body doesn't exist. I try to remember that 60 years ago the New York Times would not print the words "breast cancer" in a public service announcement by the ACS, only willing to say "severe chest disease." Maybe some day we will be as mature as we think we are! Meantime I'm not willing to hide what my cancer is, and I tell people that I cannot make a commitment to be at a meeting at 8 am because the effects of my pelvic radiation include staying close to the toilet at that hour. You get funny looks but maybe someone will think about it. . .
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Interesting Whenever I tell people I have had cancer they automatically assume I have had breast cancer When I correct them I do get very odd looks. I then tell them it is a very rare cancer and they seem to be able to cope a bit better. I do tend to say cancer in my bottom rather than anal cancer as again thay find it easier. As for the "kinky sex" bit I had no idea this was a cause until a GP friend of mine told me. I felt I ought to say to my docs on my next visit that I had no idea. Never done twitter but I will try to find you Annabelle
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Too funny! I remember when I found out about mine - I said great I would get a freaking cancer with a stigma! I was so embarrassed at first. I worked for a bunch of doctors who obviously were book smart but apparently with little social skills - thats from HPV - you must have been permissciuous - Really did he just say that? Jerk! I have never had anal sex and only been with 3 men in my 50 years. But so what if I did? Anyway - I tell people I anal cancer now and I try to educate them and tell them to get their children the vaccine. I am over being embarrassed - I am alive!
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Had a conversation along this line with my rad oncologist. He said I could legitimately call it intestinal cancer, which I have on occasion. I don't have any qualms about sharing the non-euphamistic 'anal cancer' with friends and family, but with co-workers... I just didn't want to plant that picture.
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Michele, Being a 25 year breast cancer survivor (I was diagnosied at 28 with stage 3) and that same milestone year being diagnosised with stage 4 anal cancer, I agree, what's the big deal with the boobs. I have always felt very grateful for getting through that part of my life (fairly) easily, surgery, chemo and radiation(I went on to get married, have 2 daughters, and a rewarding career) but anal cancer at 54 knocked me for a loop! Now October, (breast cancer month) I am like, I would rather go through that again then ever having to deal with this. But your right, I would never wish any cancer on anyone. Cancer is bad all the way around. One day at my friends house we decided to watch a movie. So looking through what he had I discovered "One True Thing" with Meryl Streep. I had never seen it but wanted to and my friend wigged out saying "you don't need to see that!" I said "OK, I will just borrow it and watch it at home". He freaked out and said" you shouldn't watch it alone"! I asked him if he thought I would want to "do myself in" after watching this movie. He said "well, I don't want to give you any ideas!" I couldn't stop laughing!!!! I said if I was going to "do myself in" (like the thought had never crossed my mind)I would have done it BEFORE the chemo, radiation (and subsequent 2nd and 3rd degree burns),Liver resection and current phase one clinical trial. Hell no, I am sticking this one out! I am very curious about the ending!!! Anyway, we watched it, we both cried and went to lunch! Always, Maya
 I feel the same way about "The Family Stone". The first time I saw it was when I was recovering from my horrific treatments. I was resting in our living quarters of our horse trailer (like even going to a HS rodeo was a something I should be doing). Anyhow, I was supposed to be napping and was just plain bored. The only movie in the trailer I hadn't watched was "The Family Stone"....balled my eyes out! Hugs, Michele
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