I'd Buy a Case if I Could!

I was making a grocery list for this week and because I have a butt doctor visit in my near future I added "enemas" to the bottom corner of paper so I would remember to pick them up. Enemas come in a twin pack. If I had never gotten anal cancer and had need to be repeatedly exposed to the ever infamous "flex sig" examination of my lower intestinal tract and specifically the "exit" I never would have known or observed this convenient packaging. Convenient? You might be wondering how a twin pack of enemas might be deemed well packaged for sale. As awkward as you might perceive purchase of said product to be, buying one or two (or twelve for that matter) inflicts the same amount of embarrassment regardless. It compels one to use self check out if it's an option. The mere fact that it can be obtained in a two pack for a slightly reduced price fills a "frequent flyer" penny pinchers heart with satisfaction. Especially if one has to use them two at a time, as I do, for the flex sig prep. Just so you know, the enemas are required back to back an hour before you go in to the appointment. Forget the visual you might have it does not even come close to the real deal. Anyway, back to the twin pack. I buy it. I'd buy a six pack. Hell, I'd buy a case if I could!
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I thought about seeing if Amazon would just deliver them, then I considered what would happen to my cookie driven on-line ads and reverted to self checkout.
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I've only experienced what you are going through a couple of times. Once was last August the night before and morning of my 16 point needle prostate biopsy. Thankfully, I was put under for the procedure. Back to the enemas. I'm no spring chicken and my back and hip were hurting, so the awkward position I assumed on my bathroom floor was uncomfortable to say the least. It's hard for an old guy to tilt his butt at what must have been a 45 degree angle and ram a projectile filled with fluid into, well, into the cavity. Then there's the wait. I didn't think it was going to work, but work it did. It wouldn't have been so miserable had the urologist given me good news. At first I thought a high Gleason was a good thing. Wrong again. Well, we may as well get a laugh or two out of this cancer thing. Blessings to you and yours, Ron
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Michele-- I think they ought to just put those things on a rack in the drugstore with a sign that says "Sorry." "Free." You have such a great attitude. If we didn't smile about this stuff, it would take all of the fun out of it, wouldn't it! I wish you the all clear on the exam. Hugs and Prayers-- Martha
After finding the spot on my lung if I find growth up my rear I am going to cry "foul"! I will, of course, likely laugh at the irony that is our cancer and it's "foul" location! Michele
"Foul" is right!  
 More than that, they should PAY us to take them!
Just tell the checkout guy - ever had a colonoscopy? Hand him a copy of the Dave Barry column about it...and watch him/her fall over laughing as you exit. Can you order online???
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Fortunately (and there aren't many things we do better in this country) the hospital give them to you when you go for your pre consultation Annabelle
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Hey - I went by CVS today to pick up the "happies" for a flexi sig tomorrow. They have 6 packs now! ...I was not mentally prepared for the difference in prep experience post radiation damage however ...ouchie ...
 Ouchie is an understatement! :)
Michelle, Love your sense of humor, and know that is the only way I've made it through... Hugs, Jeanne
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