With the start of November I noticed a familar change in the "status posts" on facebook. On the very first day of the month many posts appeared with a #1 followed by a brief discription of something that the writer was grateful for in their lives. You know the drill. Many folks keep up with the postings, adding a number for each successive day until Thanksgiving Day and a few friends will number every day for the next year. Sadly I also noticed some very strong opinions surrounding the recent election. I have strong opinions as well but, generally, if what I am posting on my profile is not kind towards others or directly about myself I refrain from making the post. What was interesting is a number of people that were doing the "Thanksgiving thing" had some of the most dreadful political posts I have ever seen. Tensions really ran high and Facebook still continues to be somewhat dicey in the aftermath of Election Day. All that being said this not an entry to state my political views. This is an entry about being thankful. When the month started and I saw all those #1 posts appear I thought to myself that I might like to do that. You know, express all that I have been blessed with and have twenty some odd days to get it all out there. Afterall I have plenty to be grateful for...this should be easy for me. I put a #1 in my status update box and then started to think about what I should put first. I have an awesome family and wonderful friends. I could start with them. I typed something out and then just backspaced all those words out. It didn't feel right. Not that I am not thankful for them, that's obvious. Maybe that was my problem, I am anything but predictable and I like to mull things over. I read through what some of my other friends had posted. Some had things like "#1 Vanilla Latte" (which of course I 'liked'). Others had little notes about a home, family, or a beloved pet or relative. I tried again and came up with a whole lot of "nothing". I just didn't know where to start. How could this be so hard for me? I am a blogger. I like to write. I finally gave up and decided to blog instead about my cancer journey. That was so much easier. What was my problem? Today it finally dawned on me. When you are grateful, beyond words, for each breath you take it leaves you....speechless :)
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Couldn't agree with you more.
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That is beautiful and profound. I love that you posted this.
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Nice post Michele. You made a lot of good points.
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So true. Can I give an Amen!?
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