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As painful as my surgery was and as awful as I felt even with all my tubes and wires removed, I wanted to go home. I figured I could lay in bed at home and hurt as easily as I could in the hospital. My mother was in town with the sole purpose of helping to care for me so my husband and daughter could go about their business without having to worry about who was watching me or helping me up. I spent Friday getting myself comfortable on oral pain medicines and being as independent as possible getting up to the bathroom and walking the halls frequently. I am not going to lie, it felt like I had been hit by a truck. Every muscle in my body ached and my chest ached with every deep breath. To cough I can only liken to being stabbed in my back. But I did not complain too much and did my best to eat as much as I could so I could earn the right to go home. So Saturday morning when BDM came to my room I asked to go home. He asked me if I was sure and I told him all the reasons I thought I could go. One only needs to mention an increased risk of infection the longer the hospital stay and it encourages any bug fearing surgeon to wield a pen in favor of dismissal. When my husband and mother arrived I let them know the happy news and we started getting me ready to go. By late morning I was being wheeled out to the dismissal door and easing myself gingerly into the front seat of our CRV. I was going home :) Now, I am not going to candy coat things, it was a rough go those first couple of days (and nights). I had a hard time getting and staying comfortable for long periods of time. But everyday I felt a little bit stronger and became more and more independent eating the best I could and moving as much as I could tolerate. By Monday I was more annoyed with being "grummy" and the disgusting condition of my hair then focused on the pain. I was itchy...all over. I awoke with determination that one could be dirty or one could have pain but having both was not to be tolerated. I informed my mother when she came to check on me upon waking that I was getting cleaned up. I barely gave that woman a chance to make a plan and I was swinging my legs over the side of the bed. She made a dash to change out of her pajamas when she realized I was not waiting for anything, including breakfast. We washed my hair in the kitchen sink and mom started my bedsheets in the wash. I wept with relief when she massaged the shampoo into my scalp. When it was all clean and secured in a hair towel I went directly to the shower. Warm water pelted my aching body and mom had to help me get my back and tender wounds. Once I was patted dry, lotioned up and had all my wounds tended with vitamin e cream (thanks for the tip sissy) Mom left me to dry my hair while she made up my bed with fresh clean sheets. Once I was clean and dry I went back to bed for a peaceful (non-itchy) nap. My mom got a chance to, oh you know, eat her own breakfast and clean herself up. It seems like after that morning I continued to feel better and get more and more independent. My dad arrived on Tuesday and my husband finished work for the week. 2 of my 3 kids were coming in for Thanksgiving and I was looking forward to just relaxing. Things weren't "picture perfect" but for me that really didn't matter. We laughed and talked and enjoyed each others company. I did what I felt like doing and went to bed when I was tired (which was often). We spent a few days decorating for Christmas with my family letting me take my time and direct what was going where. It took longer then it probably should have but they somehow knew it was important to me so nobody ever pressed me to hurry. When it was time for my parents to leave I was ready to take care of myself. We hugged goodbye in the living room and took a picture in front of the tree that they had helped put up and had decorated for me. I had gotten through it...the surgery, the pain, the chest tube, the tape burns, the first rocky days after dismissal...I had made it home for the holiday :)
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Welcome home! Ron
I am so so happy to hear this! I am hoping by the star of Christmas Day you will feel much much better and will be able to celebrate another joyful holiday with your amazing family! Prayers to you and thanks for updating us! The last few weeks have really been a lot for you !
So happy you made it home for the holiday. Started reading your post and switched over to your website. Just finished reading it - WOW! Love your writing style. And again, I'm so happy you made it home for the holiday. I wish you a swift recovery my friend and will keep you in my prayers.
There is no place like home. I am so glad your mom was there to help you get "un-grummy". Enjoy your holidays. Hugs, Linda
Michele..so glad you're home and that you're on the mend. That had to have been a great feeling getting cleaned up. It makes you feel so much better. :-) Hugs, Mari
There is nothing like home, with the possible exception of clean. One of my strongest sensual memories is of a bed bath I got in ICU many years ago, after about a week of being in that bed. I am sure they had changed the sheets and swabbed my gums and done whatever else they did, but the night they decided I was stable enough for a bath and cleaned me from stem to stern almost surpasses my wedding night (OK, does fully surpass that night, but not the one 4 days later when we had some practice) for pure bliss.
Good for you! Way to hang in there and persevere. I'm glad you are feeling a little better now.
I am so happy you had your parents to take care of you. I hope you are still continuing to feel better each day.
As Dorothy said, "There's no place like home!" I'm so glad you are healing well and looking forward to a wonderful Christmas! Love, Martha
Congrats that you have made it home!!you are so blessed to have so much help and Love to help you!
So happy that you are home for the Holidays! Wishing you less and less pain each day and a very Merry Christmas! Nancy
So pleased you got home and with all your love and support are feeling so much better. Have a wonderful Christmas and continue healing. Hugs Annabelle
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