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I have wondered, lately, if I am really helping making an impact with my awareness~slash~support campaign for rare and stigmatized cancers. I mean, sure, there have been the folks that have stepped forward since my story aired on our local news. I am aware of several folks that have reached out to me to say that I have really helped them out. In my desire to help even "just one person" from experiencing the loneliness and isolation that accompanies cancers such has mine I just keep moving forward with the ideas that I have to try to help.

With the start up of 52 Shades I have discovered that not everyone on the world wide web involved with cancer and cancer support are in it with the mission of solely helping others. I have discovered that, unlike my ventures of book publishing and website design, there are few that are "self-funded" like mine and plenty have unlimited operating budgets. I clearly am not in this to be a best selling author or a website mogul. I am not driven by money, just ask my husband. My internal drive comes from helping others...sometimes at a personal cost. But I don't care. I figure if I just keep trying to do the right thing, if I am not wasteful with my resources and leave the planet better off than when I arrived here that finances will always work themselves out. I don't know if it's true for everyone, but it is for me. Then I met Amy Ohm. I discovered her on Twitter. She had posted a link to a news story that had been done about her and her web site I read the report, followed the link and I was excited to read about it's mission to help those with stigmatized illnesses, not just undesirable forms of cancer. You know, mental illness, Croehn's Disease, skin conditions, HIV and the like. I started following her on twitter (@treatdiaries) and re-tweeted her story. Next thing I know there was a follow back and a short while later a DM in my twitter in box from Amy and e-mail addresses were exchanged. She explored 52 Shades of Blue and liked my site too. She thought we could help each other on our parallel journeys to provide much needed support for people and so did I. We ended up speaking on the phone later that week and now Treatment Diaries has a link on 52 Shades and we have become "twitter buddies" supporting each other in promoting our sites so that they reach the many folks in need of them.

Okay...this was good stuff! Maybe my site could reach the many in need and provide them a place where many of the resources can be offered with a click on a link. Maybe it wasn't so pie in the sky. "Just keep moving forward Michele." I think to myself. 

It wasn't long before God rewarded my faith in my mission in a special way. Jerry and I attended his class reunion yesterday. It marked 33 years for the Herington High Class of 1980. Interestingly it was organized in response to the passing of one his classmates, Brad Bettles, last year. The people who attended the memorial services for Brad thought it was no way to get together and that an impromptu reunion should be arranged. So February was chosen and Wichita selected as a location because of the airport. When we arrived at the gathering place it was great to see old friends. Several people commented on my blog, my book, my cancer and how "good" I looked. Not one mention of 52 Shades, and I really didn't expect it, until I wandered over to a small group Jerry was talking to. He introduced me to Glenda Barnes. He said she lived 2 doors down from him when they were growing up and I conjured up a quick visual of his street in Herington and knew which house he was talking about. My husband went on to explain that Glenda had newly diagnosed ovarian cancer and had just gotten back from MD Anderson. "She got the number from your website!" he exclaimed. She and I talked for sometime as kindred spirits born of tough and unsettling experiences with rare and little researched cancers. I hugged her warmly when we left, wished her good luck and told her I would be praying for her. She responded in kind. All I could think was "Wow! My website helped somebody find and contact a resource they needed." I guess I am not just throwing my money into the great abyss of the world wide web. I am not wasting time or resources. All of it, every cent, was money well spent!

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Good job Michele! It's always worth it.
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Wow, what a great moment this must have been for you! Knowing that you helped that one person should tell you all you need to know--that your efforts are not going unnoticed and ARE benefitting others. Sweet! In case I haven't told you lately, thank you for all you do--you are AWESOME! Hugs-- Martha
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