Love Gets Up at 4:30 in the Morning

Right before I left on vacation I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with my daughter running a few errands and shopping. We had many little stops to make which meant we were bound for a little car time together. The conversation between us is usually easy and I spend most of the time just listening as she catches me up on her "world" between school and her love life and what's going on with all her friends. I have little direct exposure to her social life since she moved out and I relish these opportunities to catch up on the latest "drama".

After sharing about one of her friends particularly gruesome break-up she said this to me. "I will never settle for anything less than real love mom." In my head I wonder how in the heck can these young gals know the first thing about "real" love. So in all the wisdom that my 50 short years on this planet has provided me I come up with a question meant to make her think, not really needing or expecting an answer. "How do you think you'll know when it's real love?" Without hesitating, she answers me. "I already do!" I smile, thinking about her boyfriend and how short her life has been. She went on to say how some of her friends think they know but they really don't and that she knows how a man shows true love for a woman. "How's that?" I ask, working to keep the incredulability from my voice. "Love doesn't leave when things get hard, mom." she said. "Love gets up at 4:30 in the morning to get to the hospital early so it can see you wake up before work and then it goes to work all day and comes back to kiss you good night. That's what I want and I'm not ever going to settle for less!" These brilliant words washed over me, coming from a 20 year old young woman wise beyond her years. She knew how a man was supposed to love a woman because her dad had demonstrated it for her throughout my illness. Cancer had not just taken things from her. It certainly had robbed her of a fair share of things. For instance, her junior year of high school - gone. Any sort of normalcy and continual peace of mind that she'll always have her mom around - a thing of her past. But here is something that my cancer had provided. It enabled a living example of what love is. And in case you missed gets up at 4:30 in the morning :)

Janet, Annabelle sent you a hug.
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Such a sweet story, Michele! Your daughter is very smart!
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Obviously the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. You and your husband did a great job in raising her. This post made me misty....but with a smile.
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This young woman will have a good marriage..she knows how to pick a true love! Thank you Michele..
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Two very wise women in this story. Hmmmm, I wonder where she gets it?
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What a wonderful young woman! You must be very proud of her.
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More than words can ever say!
That's a beautiful story. My daughter is a junior in high school now and she sees how well my husband is taking care of me. I think that will resonate with her too. I am missing the college visits, but am doing all the planning from my prone position on this couch. Thank you for sharing.
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I used to think that cancer folk who said that cancer had been a blessing were blowing smoke or more specifically making chicken salad from chicken sh!t. Again and again, I find that once again, I was wrong.
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How absolutely touching a story of a young woman that has captured a golden nugget of wisdom that will carry her for many years to come, a mother that must be so proud to have someone understand that through sacrifice true love lives, and of a man that is the epitome of how manhood and unconditional love is defined. Thanks for sharing with us. Ray
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Michele, What a truly remarkable story, very touching... Jeanne
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