A Little Bit of "Deja Puke"

<p>I am not good at throwing up. I have never been a good barfer. I hate being nauseated but would rather be nauseous then puke any day. What defines a "bad" barfer? Well, to me, it's someone whose body just refuses to let it come out gently and I don't mean projectile here. Actually the folks who can project, well let's just say, they know how to let it rip. I'm a nurse and a mother and have dealt with plenty of vomit over the years. It always amazed me how some people can just open their mouths, reverse peristalsis takes over and it just flows out like someone turned on a faucet. Such is not the case for me. Every wretch is a strain accompanied by a God-awful sound in-which the expelled matter may even sound like a distorted gargle of sorts. It's actually quite painful for me. I am sure it is painful to watch and even more disgusting to hear. Ugh!</p>&#13;
<p>Why on earth would I chose to blog about this now? Well, my faithful readers, I had a bout with food poisoning, or the stomach flu, or maybe it was the solitary martini I had this past weekend. My husband and I had driven to Twin Cities to enjoy the weekend and visit my son who lives there. We were taking in the production he is performing in at the Bloomington Civic Theatre. (It's "On the Town" - and it's very good! He plays Ozzy. You should go see it if you live in the area...sigh, that's another story. Back to barfing.) Anyway, we drove up Friday spent some time with my son and took in the show Friday night. We stayed in downtown St. Paul at The St. Paul...really nice. Jerry even splurged and got us the Ambassador Suite for the weekend! Saturday we had a nice breakfast and spent the day shopping at the Mall of America and just knocking around. My husband decided on an early dinner before the show as we planned on meeting AJ after the performance at our hotel bar for a night cap with him and one of his friends. We ate right across the street at a little Italian place. Ordered calamari and a small pizza to share. Nothing earth shattering. We went to the show again, which was just as incredible the second time around and then headed back to the hotel to snag a table in the bar. The kids came and we all had one drink and laughed and talked and took pictures. We headed to bed about midnight. We weren't in our room for very long when the room started to slightly spin. "That little drink went to my head" I thought to myself. Then the room started to tilt a little and my husband looked at me and asked "Are you all right?" "I don't know." I answered. I tried to lie down and that's when the world took a nose dive and I bolted for the bathroom.</p>&#13;
<p>It took a little bit for the heaving to start. I resisted it, like always. Even when I barfed daily for weeks during my chemo I always tried to talk myself out of it. But, just as when I had poisonous 5FU pulsing through my veins, it was futile to resist whatever process was going on at that moment. Food poisoning, stomach flu or too much alcohol...it didn't matter, it was coming fast and hard! As described above the retching began and last almost three hours. My husband came in to check on me and I ordered him "out". I vacillated between moaning "I'm sick" and vowing "I'll never drink again". It sounds humorous and now, it kind of is funny...kinda...sorta. Well, anyhow, while I was clutching the porcelain throne and holding my forehead against the coolness of the bowl meanwhile observing how clean it was under the rim I got to thinking how all too familiar this was and I didn't like it. All the action finally ceased and I was able to lie down and almost feel better. I had a ten hour ride home that started in a few hours and that was going to be rough. I have been through worse though...this was just a little bit of "deja puke". </p> 

Annabelle sent you a hug.
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That just made my day. Take care. John
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That is kinda funny, I can so relate to it while I was in the hospital or after some partying, it's NEVER fun. Laugh now though... I live in the twin cities and will look for the play. I'm in Texas for work now. Thanks for sharing Michele.
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OMG, Michele, almost none of this was funny until I read about you observing how clean the hotel toilet was! LOL! If I were you, I would definitely blame this episode on the calamari (primarily because I don't like them!). It couldn't be just that one martini! Anyway, I hope you've fully recovered. As for me, puking is something I do really well--I was born with that talent--just ask my mom. Take care, my friend! Hugs-- Martha P.S. Hoping to hear Bob and the guys play tomorrow evening! I'll tell him you said hi!
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Foceful puking isn't all it's cracked up to be either. I usually have it come out my nose as well as my mouth. Nothing like having to blow your nose after puking to get the rest of it out. Sorry you were sick, but thank you for sharing in a humerous way and I hope you're feeling better!
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Ahhh! I didn't have the adverse reaction to chemo like most of you die hard pukers....however, by the 5th week of my tonsil cancer radiation and cisplatin, my throat was trashed...burned, scarred, and tight. Add to that the constant mucous running down my throat as my cells tried in vain to rejuvenate from the destruction...not understanding why something from the outside (blasts of cancer killing radiation) kept making more and more damage!! Well the puking started almost every 1.5 hours. Burning stomach, nauseous feeling, BAM...expelled contents! During a feeding with the G tube and pump, I barely had enough time to shut it off, disconnect and get to the sink to throw it up. By the 7th day, I was in the hospital in my 'boofer' sweats holding my little plastic 1 gallon Ice cream bucket and retching constantly with nothing but bile coming up. Of course, that night at the ER everyone was there with every sort of problem...me, just dehyrated and 59% dead. How much fun to see and hear people move away from you as you puke in a plastic bucket on a waiting room chair since all of the Bathrooms were occupied. God, am I glad that night was short. The worst part was I could not believe how much my burnt throat was able to handle as this was like throwing up burning gasoline... By Midnight of my er visit...I was good to go...hydration, atavan (sp) Vanderbilt Cocktail #5 from my radiation oncologist and I was on my way to recover with no more puking!! It's amazing what we can talk about on here with ease...I love it. Next we'll talk about my mom's bowel movements....just like you all have to do at home!!!
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Pat, the only thing a one-gallon ice cream bucket should be used for is holding lots of rocky road! I'm glad that episode didn't destroy your sense of humor (Good Humor, that is!).
I don't ever think there is anything funny about puking!For me I can't puke at all so it prolongs being sick! I just started swallowing in November and am still not eating fully.But I am thankful I can eat after 2 1/2 years of the PEG tube! Problem is when the muscles don't work for swallowing, they also do not work for swallowing in reverse as in puking!. I still can not puke which prolongs being sick and have to wait for it to leave my body through the other end! So when I do get the flu etc. I really hate it because all I di is "dry Heave" all night long! The nausia and dizziness stays with me the whole time. I have learned to keep a strong laxitive on hand for these episodes. I am just thankful I don't get sick often. The medical people did not even realize that this happens but said yeah it does make sense! I just think all of us have had our share of puking and should be "Puke excempt" for life after the horrible treatments we went through to survive the beast! Hugs Val
I know how you feel. I'm the same kind of puker as you. Just sounds awful. I think it was something you ate. I remember I was in NY on a business trip when I was 30 and went out to dinner and drinks with friends. I had mussels at dinner and shortly after I got to my hotel room, the puking started and didn't stop till the wee hours. Needless to say, I had to tell my boss I couldn't make the morning meetings due to food poisoning. I still wonder to this day, if he believed that or thought that it was too much alcohol? Funny thing is nowadays, I don't drink anymore so I'm sure one drink these days would send me back to puking!
Oh my goodness! Good times eh? LOL
Well, I hope you are feeling better now. Neither nausea NOR vomiting is pleasant, uch!
Michele, I was traveling and missed this...can't add much to these comments except to second Martha, I would bet major bucks that the calamari was off, or maybe you should not combine calamari and pizza! Can't imagine one martini would do that to you...might make you dizzy but not more. The only way to find out is to try one again - but just by itself! XOXO
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