True Grit

My daughter just graduated with an Associate's Degree from one of our local community colleges. She earned straight A's this semester. I am very proud of her and posted her grades in a photo on Facebook with a caption that said something to that effect. I got a ton of "likes" and several congratulatory comments. One of the comments posted said "She's just like her momma!" That really made me think. My first thought was "No she's not." Because I think she is way prettier and smarter than I ever was and at this point ever will be. I think that she, like my sons, inherited their brains and good looks from their father. I chose my husband wisely so I guess therein lies my "contribution" to their talents. I feel I am just "average" in this regard. You know, an ordinary gal with extraordinary offspring, heavy on the paternal genetic influence. Short of financing their "start up" and providing them with unconditional love and emotional support I think that's where my contribution probably stops. I'm not discounting the importance of those things in their lives I'm just saying good grades are earned and you are born with talent.

Just look at them all...nothing like me! My eldest son just accepted a fellowship to the University of Minnesota in music saxophone performance. I have pretty much ZERO musical talent. I can't sing, period. I played the trumpet in school. I was mediocre. No passion for it. My boy though? He's oozing with talent and passion for music. Pursuing music as a graduate student is very competitive and takes a lot personal drive. He's got that by the truck load! My other son is living his dream as an actor. He can sing, dance and act. (Refer to my singing ability statement above.) My husband, who can sing, and I just went to see him perform in his latest production and he is so wonderfully talented and charismatic! He plans to expand his horizon to include the Pacific ocean in the near future and that takes drive and guts. My daughter inherited those educating genes from her dad. She can't help herself as she was just born a teacher and destine to be one. "Why fight it mom." is something she once said to me after she finally settled on being a teacher. Her gift of teaching extends to her passion for riding and schooling horses. Her desire for excellence in all she does is displayed in her college GPA and in the Horse Show Arena. That drive, she got that from her dad...they all got their drive from their dad!

My cancer has taught me that time is short, too short. There is no room for "playing it safe" in this life. We only get one act, then it's "curtains" for us all. I have been living my life without regret since my diagnosis. I refuse to let my cancer define me or direct my life. I am not going to just let things happen, I will make things happen. You know, the no guts no glory attitude! It makes me feel good seeing my children approach life that way too. They have all made some pretty bold moves without reservation. I just now realized that it's not in their talents and abilities that I lie but in their use of them with courage, strength and resolve. That's how they are "just like their momma" they have, plain old-fashioned true grit.

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Congratulations to both of your children. They both sound wonderful. AND congratulations to you and your husband too. Whatever each of you gave it was something very special and they are obviously using this. You must both be very proud. Annabelle
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There's so many tines that our kids keep a straight ...sounds Like you are a great mom.
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You may not think you have musical talent but you make many hearts sing when you write such lovely essays. XOXO
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Thank you Helen!
Amen, sister! Congrats to your entire family and especially you for being Super Mom! Hugs!
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You have talent. Your writing is amazing. You touch so many with your writings. I hope you continue and I hope you realize how very gifted you are. Your pictures are beautiful so to me your are beautiful both inside and out. Can't beat that! Linda
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