Position 2 :)

In my mind, toilet seats have 3 possible positions. Position 1, which happens to be my daughter's favorite, is seat down and lid closed. Unless we are in a public restroom, which totally eliminates position 1 from the spectrum, if my daughter has used the toilet it is placed in position 1 before she leaves the bathroom. Position 2 is seat down lid open. I like this one the best as it allows for speedy access for me with my limited warning and marginal bladder control over the last 3 years. Also it is one quick lift to get to position 3, lid and seat all the way up which is handy during chemotherapy for the sudden onset of nausea and vomiting. My husband adores position 3. If any of the johns in our house have been used by him you know it because it is always left in position 3. I have peed my pants thanks to position 3. I have whined all the 26 years of our marriage about the seat being left up and he has tried from time to time to change his ways but he has always reverted back to his personal favorite, 3.

Well, right before I started my chemo we decided to deep clean the house and really scrub the bathrooms in anticipation of me potentially having to hang my head into the toilet bowls. Cleanliness here cannot be emphasized enough! There is nothing worse than vomiting and needing to cool your brow against the porcelain throne and having it be gross and smelly, it compounds things. Anyway, he decides we need to replace all the seats in the house. He heads to the hardware store and bought one seat for me to try out and he installed it on the toilet in our main floor bathroom. This seat has a "quiet close" feature which gently lowers the seat and/or lid slowly with a single nudge from your finger. I "test drive" it and love it. I approve the replacement of the seats in the upstairs bathrooms. These are nice! Cadillacs in the toilet seat world! I mean I was going to feel really good lifting this seat to puke my guts up...like a touch of luxury...right?

One thing I've noticed since my husband installed these new perches is that I have not found one of the toilets in position 3 ever since. Not one. They are always in position 2...always. It came to my mind while falling asleep last night this odd occurrence of the toilet seats being just how I like them and then it dawned on me that nobody loves me better than my husband and not only was he making sure that I had a nice clean place to endure the side effects of my chemotherapy, he was making sure that he always left that place that we have to share just how I need it every time...position 2 :)

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Helen Marshall, Annabelle sent you a hug.
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Your husband is adorable, Michele! Your daughter sounds like she's a pleasure to be around. I'm so glad you have such great support and a fancy place to puke. (Hug) I think you're such a neat lady and look forward to your posts. Hugs and prayers, Danean
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What a sweet and fabulous husband you have. I hope you don't have to use position 3 very often! Hugs, Cherie
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It's funny how important the features of a toilet seat have become for us. Your husband is a doll. Mari
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What a wonderful husband, and sounds like wonderful toilets!
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Now that's a good hubby! I hope you won't need to use position 3 at all! Hugs to you!
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hopefully the new toilet seats are padded as well. very comfortable for those times when you have extended sessions on the throne! OD@aT tj
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you can also get heated or cooled seats!! XOXO
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Your blog reminds me of something I heard awhile back regarding all the ways to refer to puking your guts out. Number 1 - Making a call on the porcelain telephone. Or, for the outdoorsy experience, Screaming at ants, or Barking at your Shoes, and for the urbanite, Making a Street Pizza. Hang in there, Michelle, and I hope your new thrones only experience your nether side and not your head! Prayers commence now...
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What a wonderful story!! :)
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P.S. "Position 1" terrifies me. I'm like you. I need quick access. Always #2.
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