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As a kid I lived across the street from a Bible College. We called it "Bible School Park". It was a fairly large campus embedded in our neighborhood just off of Floral Avenue. It was filled with large oak and maple trees winding driveways and sidewalks and never seemed very busy with pedestrian or auto traffic. Regardless, there were no gates and they seemed to welcome kids to play...well at least they never stopped us. We could bike ride, swing on the many swing sets they had set up, play hide and seek, and sled ride down by the dorms in the winter. 
There was a spot my sister and I liked to go play with a tennis ball. It was a corner where two buildings met 3 stories high, all brick, no windows. You could play tennis with yourself letting that wall serve as your opponent or you could play catch alone as well. For fun we would take over a "super ball". Remember those little tiny balls from gum ball machines?  We would take turns throwing that rubbery little ball to watch how high and which way it went. Sometimes it would rebound into the corner and you never knew what direction it was going to go or how fast it was going to bounce back.
My chemo treatments this time brought this memory back to me. I'm like that little ball and the corner of brick buildings is my chemo. I get thrown at it but, like that little ball, we don't know what direction or speed I will return at. Last treatment it took me about 4 days to feel human again and I never quite made it back to where I started. Plenty of people were there to catch me, stand me back up and ready me for round two. Three days ago I was thrown back at that wall again and we are waiting to see. My sissy, hubby, family and besties are waiting to catch me but no one is sure just how, when and quickly I will bounce back.

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Cherie, Thomas threw a punch at your cancer.
Nancy, Cherie sent you a prayer.
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Here's praying you will bounce back and be feeling good again! Hang in there, my dear friend, and know that many prayers are coming your way. Hugs!
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Boing, boing!! Wishing that tomorrow you will be bouncing into the arms of that hubby, sissy, family and besties and standing up straight and strong. XOXO
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Michelle, Hope you have a Great weekend, which ever way you bounce, you have enough love and support to catch you...Jeanne
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You are in my prayers as always, Michele. Hugs, Mari
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Sad, but appropriate analogy...Chemo is like hitting a brick wall. Fortunately no matter how hard that "ball" hits that brick wall, Newton's law says an equal but opposite reaction will occur. You will be back! Not just because you're ballsy! :-))
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Hang in there Michelle. Keep the positive energy. Bouncing is good!Who doesn't like Tigger? I don't think anything ever stopped him either! I look back at my 2nd series of treatment and I do not know how I continued to work as I was very much in the same situation.But I did and you will get through this too! I know you are a fighter. Sending prayers and hugs your way.
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