It Means the World to Me

I received a belated holiday card from my oncologist at MD Anderson. "So what?" you perhaps are thinking and I have to agree with that initial reaction. I mean MDA is huge and they treat hundreds, nay I say thousands, of people with cancer every year. It would seem likely that they would pump out holiday greetings to their many patients by an assembly line fueled by the many wonderful volunteers that dedicate their time to making one feel at home in such overwhelming circumstances in such a large cancer center. Regardless of that assumption I slid my finger under the flap of what clearly appeared to be a greeting card, not the usual appointment schedule with testing instructions or a billing statement. Those two types of correspondence come in the same type of envelope and are the same thickness, which is fat. This envelope was that of a card. In it was a simple postcard with "Happy Holidays!" in dark green ink across the top. At the bottom, also in bold print, was my oncologist's name, "Cathy Eng, MD, FACP". Between the greeting and her name lay her handwriting in contrasting red marker, a personal note wishing me joy and  good health in 2014, her bold and recognizable scribe that belongs to her and her alone. No assembly line here. She wrote to me, called me by name, and knows who I am as a person. She acknowledged me as a human being that she is treating. I have a rare and incurable cancer and so do hundreds more that flock to her for her opinion, her expertise, her help to survive. This card said more to me than just a few scrawled words of holiday greeting. It said "I care about you, I want the best for you and you are not just a faceless number in my sea of stage 4 cancer survivors." As a patient trying to thrive and find meaning in what I am experiencing it means the world to me! 



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This is real wonderful Michelle, what an awesome doctor who genuinely cares about her patients. Sweet and heartwarming.
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That is simply wonderful and so caring. To think that your oncologist would write that just for you shows that you were a patient that she understands and has thought of, not just during your visits with her. When I read it, it touched me. Now that's a great Doctor that you're fortunate to have... Hope you and your family had happy holidays this season... Kevin
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Wow! What a testament to your doctor's genuine care for you! How touching! Beautiful! Danean
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A lovely reminder that there are still doctors in this world who have hearts! This is awesome1
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It is vital to trust and have faith on your medical team. Knowing they really do care makes a real difference. Its pleasing to know you are in good hands.
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How wonderful! You have made a great impression on her as you have all of us, too.
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Hi Michelle, How cool is that? It does make a world of difference when your not treated like a number. Of course your not the average patient either, you are one very remarkable woman my friend! hugs and love and prayers, Sabina
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What a beautiful gesture.
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Wow, how nice. Now that I have insurance I'm hoping to become one of Dr. Eng's patients. Have heard nothing but good about her and your post only reinforces all that I have heard. Wishing you the best in 2014! tj OD@aT
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Wow! That is super cool.
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