An Arm and a Leg

As many of you know, I was in Houston this week getting scanned and poked in order to define my current disease state. I am happy to report that I remain NED (No Evidence of Disease) at this time! I had a little life encounter while we were in Houston and as with some of my life vignettes this particular one is begging me to tell it. So I will.

We arrived in Houston on Tuesday a bit road weary despite the fact that we had taken our time on the drive down. We even had taken time to stop in the Arbuckle Mountains and splurge on Fried Pies on this trip! None the less we were tired from the 10 hour journey and just wanted our free glass of wine in the hotel lobby and a quick bite to eat. We chose Jason's Deli because I could comply with the dietary restrictions required for my PET scan the next day. For those interested it is no sugar/carbohydrates for the evening meal. Interestingly you are allowed up to two glasses of wine. I only had one, the free one in the hotel lobby. That's probably enough of me setting the back drop for this story so let me get back to it. I love the Jason's Deli in Rice Village. It's upstairs above the shops and adjacent to the parking garage. It has a nice covered out door patio if the weather is nice. It was hotter than blazes so after we placed our order we went to find a seat opting to stay in doors in air conditioned comfort. As we sat and relaxed, my hubby enjoying the salad bar and me munching on chicken and tomato soup, he noticed someone sitting across the restaurant that he thought looked familiar. He thought it was from our rodeo days. The mom of a bull rider that competed when our daughter participated in rodeo during high school. I looked over my shoulder and commented that she looked too young to be her but acknowledged that she bore a resemblance. He asked "Are you sure?" and just as he did she arose with her companion and crossed the restaurant approaching the salad bar. "It's definitely not her" I said and he then saw her pass by and said "Nope". Not only was this woman clearly too young she also had only one arm. Her blouse was neatly folded in where her left arm should have been. My eye traveled to her right arm recognizing the telltale MD Anderson wrist band. Her companion wore a Louisiana State t-shirt further confirming that they, like us, were most likely "out of towners" there to get treatment at one of the best cancer centers in the world. I didn't stare, that's rude, but I found myself thinking that I would never have let my arm be cut off for cancer. This thought made me laugh out loud instantly since I clearly let them "burn my ass off" without batting an eye. My husband asked what was so funny and I told him that something had just crossed my mind. I changed the subject and we finished eating.

I got to thinking about that scene as we drove back to the hotel. You know, I've been through a lot with my cancer. I let them burn me, poison me, cut me open and radiate me again. I allow cameras to be stuck up my butt, down my throat and into my lungs. I've let hunks of tissue be removed from all these areas. Many gloved examine fingers have probed areas that for most people remain untouched (and unspoken about) all in an attempt to stay on terra firma, alive. I really have done anything they asked of me to eliminate my cancers why would I think for one second that I wouldn't let them take my arm. I know I'd give an arm without batting an eye if it would give me a chance. Hell, I know I would give an arm and a leg. 

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Not many body parts worth dying for! A wonderful story.

Free glass of wine in the hotel lobby? Wow! Glad you can relax a bit after a 10-hour drive...(and just in case, what's the name of that place?)

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Springhill Suites....great medical rate too!
Michele I will drink to that:) Well I actually don't drink because I take pain meds but it was a nice thought.. Cheers anyways:) hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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NED! Yay! Love the story! Love you!!
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So glad to hear the wonderful news and the great story! I have my CT next week so you've given me some much needed optimism XOXO
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I am so happy to continue to hear you say NED. I am so very happy for you and your family. That folded sleeve on the passerby, along with her bracelet, would induce in me true respect for a fellow warrior. Anal cancer warriors often don't have any similar conspicuous badges...Maybe my poofy pants from my Poise or Depend could be perceived as my warrior badge. Ha! The day!
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Hi Michele,

I'm so happy that your results showed NED. Yeah!

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Hi Michelle. I'm Lori. I enjoyed your wtiting. You have reassured me about life after treatment. I am in day 10 of 42 of my treatment. I, unlike you, have had no real side effects yet. A little nausea easily controlled with Zofran & some minor mouth sores
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The mouth sores I just started using an Oral B product called Amosan that my ex father-in-law told me about years ago. It's magic for mouth sores, don't know why I just remembered it.
Anyway, I enjoyed your writing & am soooo happy you show NED- yay! That is my future!
Another well written, insightful story that I so enjoy reading from you!
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Glad to hear about your good news. I hope that that is all you continue to get.

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