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The holidays are upon us and as is typical with the last gasps of Fall's balmy days coming to a close our neighborhood is typically alight with outdoor activities that are much more pleasant in warmer temperatures. The least of which is certainly not decorating the outside of one's home for Christmas. With the forecast of a cold rainy front for late in the weekend many of our neighbors were taking advantage of the 60 degrees that had been granted to our area on Saturday afternoon. Plastic bins were pulled from their nesting places and string lights were stretched out on many driveways in the attempt to rest them from their hopeless tangles. Oddly, no matter how perfectly they were stored they somehow end up in an unrecognizable knot of lights. We did not succumb to our neighborhood "peer pressure" and our outdoor lights have stayed secured in their bins in our attic garage. This is unfortunate as the predicted cold front has arrived as I type this and it is now cold and rainy. No matter, the lights will get put up eventually.

We actually spent most of Saturday running errands and making final preparations for Thanksgiving. All our children will be home and my parents are flying in. My husband's folks will also be down for dinner on Thursday. We made a grocery run and a liquor run as well. We made beds and made some closet space in the guest rooms for holiday visitor's attire. By the time Saturday evening came I was happy to plant my butt in my chair in the family room and prop up my weary feet. I chatted with my husband about what else we may need to do as we watched a little television. As I turned my head to look at him a glimmer of blue light caught my eye through a small opening between the slats of the blinds. It took a moment for my brain to register what I was seeing. "Hey!" I exclaimed, "My lights are up!" My husband looked puzzled for a second and turned his own head to follow my gaze. "They sure are!" he confirmed as soon as he registered what I had been looking at.

You see in December of 2010, 10 months into my battle with cancer, the neighbors behind us wanted to do something kind and encouraging for me knowing how sick I had been. They thought it might cheer me if they decorated their deck just for me with Christmas lights. With all the leaves off our trees we both have a perfect view of the backs of each other's homes. I remember the first time I saw them. I commented then to my husband about how pretty they were (blue, my favorite color) and he told me they had strung them up with me in mind. I have called them "my lights" every year since. They have put them up four years in a row now and they never cease to comfort me. They remind me of what I have been through. They remind me of the love and support of others. They remind me of the joy of the season. They remind me that the Christmas Spirit is alive and well...like me!

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And the blue light is healing Michele... that's what I was told years ago when I was going through some bad urethra problems... I was told to think of a blue light going through my body to where I needed to be healed. This lady had the biggest Jade plant I have ever seen. That is so cool your neighbors are really nice to do that. I love it that your having your whole family there. It is so storybook to me of how a family should be. I keep wishing some Italian family would adopt me and I could have sit and have dinner and drink wine and feel all that love... Since my Dad passed away so did the storybook.... but I have so much to be grateful for and I concentrate on that.. I always love everything you write and it always makes me think of how grateful I am to be here knowing the sweetest people like you..Happy Thanksgiving from my heart to yours hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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Thank you for the sweet words Sabina! Enjoy your Thanksgiving as well!
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what a sweet gesture....your neighbor sound like truly giving, loving people who know that sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference. I'm glad you're doing well and are getting to spend the holidays surrounded by your family.

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What fabulous neighbours to show their support in such a wonderful way. Love and peace to you all :)
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What a sweet story and what sweet neighbors! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Ours is going to be a little different this year. Since we were just back home to celebrate my mom's 90th. birthday, we will not be there for Turkey Day, instead going to a fancy restaurant for their buffet on Thanksgiving--just the two of us. Not a Norman Rockwell kind of holiday, but it's okay--we'll be with everyone at Christmas. However any of us on BFAC celebrate, we have lots for which to be thankful. Love and hugs to you, my dear friend!

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Michele, that's a beautiful post that so shares your beautiful heart. I love the neighbors' gesture of continued support. Happy Thanksgiving, Thursday and all of the other 364 days in our year!
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Love you light story! Put a smile on my face also....enjoy your Thanksgiving!! Hugs xo😘😘
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As ever your lovely post made me feel weepy & emotional - in a good way. You are such a strong person with a wonderful family and obviously wonderful neighbours and friends. Have a great Thanksgiving Hugs Annabelle
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Hope you are a having a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoying the blue lights!
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my sister has anal cancer and i'm trying hard to deal with her mood swings.she says she wants to be left alone then get angry when i do so,she is very angry all the time so i just stay away and pray for her,what can i do?
I will message you my dear.
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where do i get the message?
I sent you a private one on your profile.
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got it
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