Time for a procto exam. I believe that speaks for itself...ugh!

See you on the flip side :) 



Jana, Annabelle threw a punch at your cancer.
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Have Fun! JK...
Keep on being sassy, you'll go far!
Yuck! Good luck and it will be over soon ... ;)
That doesn't sound like fun! Here's to GREAT results!
Had mine today!
All looked well except a little skin tag that's been irritating.. Hopefully all is well with you too!
I have always wondered...what kind of person decides to become a colorectal doctor? I can understand obstetrician (all those cute babies), surgeons, etc... but a butt doctor? Thank the Lord for them, but you gotta wonder.... just thought I would lighten the mood.
Great!😄😄👍😳. Lol. It's not bad......know all will be fine!!😊😀😊😀😊😀😊😀😘😘😘
Let's hope you don't "chase your tail", like I just did, LOL. May it be perfect!
:( May all go well for you, my sweet friend! Hugs!
And of course, some smart arse (no pun intended) will come-along and say, "Did you stay up last night and study for your exam?"
Tell that Squamous to go away and stay away. Good luck on your exam.
Hi, Michelle. An entry in Wiki under DRE: "Due to the taboos surrounding the anus, and the potential for discomfort and embarrassment, the rectal exam is a common comedic device." And, here I thought I had a fairly good sense of humor. Apparently not. I'm with you: UGH!!
I wish more primary care docs and gyns would do regular DREs. Might detect more cases of anal cancer in the early stages.
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