I'll take it!

My procto was uneventful with my favorite colorectal surgeon! I took him a dozen cookies from a local bakery and a card for our 5 year anniversary. I told him my feelings were hurt that he forgot our anniversary. I reminded him how exactly 5 years ago he plucked 3 samples of offensive tissue from around my butt hole to send off for biopsy in the very room we were in. He tried to make up for forgetting such a memorable event by complimenting me on how well healed my anal and rectal canals were looking. Really? We ended up laughing. He told me I had the a** hole of a 40 year old and he was glad to see I had lived beyond the time projected. Seems to me he was laying it on a little thick. Probably to make up for forgetting our "anniversary"...he said "see you in 6 months". I'll take it!



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Hole of a 40year old! I'd take that too! You made me laugh and I'm glad your doing well. Im'm still working on it!

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Yeah!!!! Congratulations.
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Who is that guy? Send him out here!

Hmmm...what exactly makes the look of a 40-year-old Ahole as opposed to a 60-year-old or 70-year-old...A new topic for my next appointment!

Meantime, You Go Girl!!!
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I'd take that too! Now if only we had boobs of a 21 yo!
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Uneventful is such a sweet word for us when it comes to doctor visits, scan results, DRE's....glad you are doing so well. :-)

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Thank you for the laugh!
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Haven't you heard, Helen? 60 year a**hole is the new 30 year a**hole! Michelle, I am so elated over your healthy backside, frontside, inside and all sides. This is great!
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Wonderful news, Michele! It sounds like you have a great doctor, which is a real plus when it comes to the exams we have to endure! I'm so glad that all is well with your rear end! Hugs!

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Michele, Lisa, Helen, all you ladies- your comments absolutely cracked me up! I always thought that cancer ages you 10 years, here it made you 11-12 years younger!
Thanks for sharing the good news and your comedy 'behind' the scenes!
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Congrats on 5 years!
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Thanks for the laugh Michele.
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Michelle, you are so funny! it is nice that your surgeon let you see that side of him, they have two personalities, dontcha know?
Celebrating your great checkup right along with you!
I really enjoyed reading all the responses to your post too, really funny. Maybe this should be a stand up routine on Letterman!
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Woo Hoo!!!--Lucky
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That's great news! Keep on doing whatever you are doing because it seems to be working! You are an inspiration!
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Woohoo congrats on 5 years! Amazing! Gotta love our colorectal docs! Question do you still eat a blan diet? I still have the proctitis. Trying to help the issue...Hugs xo😘😘
Hi Cindy! Yes, I still am a pretty bland girl. Generally chicken for my protein and the BRAT diet all the way with some potatoes and pasta thrown in as my sides. I NEVER eat salad in a restaurant...only at home where I can wash the lettuce in FIT to kill every smidgeon of bacteria. If I want to eat pad thai, I know I will "pay" on the toilet for the indulgence. Sometimes it is worth it, but usually not...
Thank you for the kind words and the kisses and hugs!
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