Popcorn at Midnight

I overindulged yesterday. I ate too much...waaay too much. Things started out innocently enough, a few powdered "Donettes". Just so you know, in my humble opinion, that is the best brand of mini powdered donuts available on the market. I have tried them all and I can't describe to you the horror I felt went Hostess announced they were closing their doors. The intensity of the feeling was matched by the joy I felt when they were rescued in the eleventh hour and their doors were reopened and production resumed. It was a close one. Any way, I downed 3 of those powdered sugar delights while I sipped a cup of decaf that had been carefully laced with Italian sweet cream. Not a bad start to my day.

I was meeting my bestie for a movie, which is often our habit on the weekend, and we almost always plan to have popcorn for lunch. That held true yesterday and we ordered the "Fred and Ginger" which consists of a large popcorn and two large drinks. Perfect, right?! We met up at the theater 30 minutes before show time. We carefully selected our seats in the very back and nosh while we wait for the flick to start. We usually don't eat all the popcorn even between the two of us, but it tasted so good and salty and buttery and delicious that I couldn't help myself and before the trailers even started I could feel my greasy fingers brush the bottom of the container. My bestie had long since stopped dipping her hand into the puffed kernels of goodness and I found myself consuming alone. I set the nearly empty cardboard bowl between us on the floor as the theater darkened, feeling full and somewhat self indulgent.

It doesn't end there. My husband and I attended evening church services last night and as is our habit headed to the Mexican restaurant up on the corner after worship. I still felt rather over stuffed from my popcorn lunch but I ignored that and ordered a margarita all the while mindlessly munching on the obligatory chips and salsa provided. I ordered enchiladas with rice and while I only ate one of the two in my order I really forced in the last few bites. That was it. That last bite. I was full to the brim. "I ate too much." I groaned as we got up from our seats. We headed home and I immediately changed into my pajamas to take any pressure off my stomach. I know better than to eat too much. It always causes trouble. The internal plumbing works of my body just can't do that anymore. I rubbed my aching belly and pushed my little dogs to the side as they clambered up in my lap. "Get. Off. Me." I complain out loud. Again I lament to my husband that I ate too much. He suggests that I go to the bathroom. I remind him that things don't work that way for me any more and it will just have to work it's way through in it's own sweet time. Meanwhile, my misery knew no bounds. I went to bed, gut churning.

I tossed and turned trying to sleep wondering when my churning insides were going to demand payment for my excessive food consumption. The extreme fiber of the popcorn was battling with the cheese of the enchilada that sought to counter act it. This, of course, is not how it works. First in, first out. That's the way of my intestine. At 11:45 pm my eyes flew open. I knew in an instant that the time had come. The piper had to paid post haste. I crawled out of bed and stumbled down to the hall bathroom so as not to disturb my husband whose steady breathing assured me that he was deep in slumber. Without going into graphic detail the relief was immediate and I can assure you that all of the popcorn that I had put in twelve hours earlier made a rapid reentry into a different kind of bowl, my toilet bowl. It makes me laugh out loud to think of it now. Some people sneak out of bed for a midnight snack and for many  popcorn is a popular choice. Not me, I slip out of my bed at the witching hour  to eliminate my sins from the previous day. I guess I look at it this way, one is enjoying and one is lamenting...popcorn at midnight :)

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This was such a great post....it was like a mini thriller....lol....and most of us here can totally relate to it! I know I can!! You have such a way with words you can even make "pooping" sound interesting. Lol😀😊☺️🌽. I so look forward to your posts! Never know what's next!😀. Hug and kisses. Xoxo😘
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Love the emojis!
Love!! 💜
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I can so relate! The funny thing is one day I eat something and it does not agree with me (usually the next morning for me), another day I'm fine. Today I experimented with a Fiber1 cookie which seem to cause me issues (sometimes) cause I have so many boxes from the BOGOF deals...LOL.
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Funny story, Michelle. I equate popcorn's effects on my body to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. After consumption, I don't know if I can stay in the room, enjoying quiet time with Mr. Hyde, or whether I need to hide in my room with the noisy Dr. Jekyll.
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glad everything came out good in the end:) hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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LOL, well at least you knew what was coming ;)
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Wow...so many things tun parallel in opal of our lives😃
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I can so relate. lLove your writing!
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OMG, this is such a timely post! We were invited over to our next door neighbor's house this evening for an inpromtu get together with some of the neighbors. In the middle of the table of snacks was a big bowl of popcorn. Now, I'm not in love with popcorn, but I used to enjoy it now and then. However, my guts now, at the very sight of it, say to me "Eat that and you will pay dearly!" So, I never go there. Instead, I ate cheese and crackers. I'm glad your popcorn did not come back to haunt you! Love to you, my dear friend!

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P.S. Maybe we should rename it "Poopcorn!" LOL!
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I had to give up popcorn, but dearly enjoyed the vicarious enjoyment of your popcorn and a movie date!
Glad everything came out OK in the end :-)
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My weakness is Krispy Kreme donuts! And, movie popcorn...how delicious & how bad at the same time. I must admit, I only get it once in a blue moon because I'm too cheap to pay the outrageous popcorn fee, so once in a while, it's so good & yes, can't wait till it leaves my body later on. Thanks for the great post!
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Oh how I can relate. I was so proud that on my side table are at least six boxes of chocolates from Christmas untouched. Until yesterday when I opened the packet of chocolate truffles. I have just finished the last one as I sat to read my blogs. Scary because I keep thinking "cancer loves sugar". I am pretty good usually and can go weeks without needing a sugar fix then it gets to me. Also sure I am doing it because I am due my next scans in April and I always start getting anxious and want to eat everything that is NOT good for me. Oh well - feeling full of chocolate and yukky!! My own fault Hugs Annabelle
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