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My time on Via Christi Life Matters

Except for not being able to say the word "anal" because it was simulcast on live radio I think all the points were well covered. The oncologist (he's not mine) also spent 5 minutes talking about breast cancer...sigh.






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You can't say "anal" on live radio?.??
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As always, I applaud you for your efforts to raise awareness for the "crappy" form of cancer that no one wants to talk about. I continue to find it unbelievable that the word "anal" or "anus" is not allowed to be spoken in some forms of media. It's a body part and we are all born with one, but it's disallowed? It's ridiculous! As always, kudos to you for speaking up and telling it like it is! Love and Hugs!

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Michele, I watched your interview and you were very articulate and did a great job. I still can't believe that they wouldn't let you says "anal". How do they convince parents to bring their children in for the HPV vaccine? 😬
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Now see? That just pisses me off. It perpetuates the idea that our cancer is shameful. That's the whole idea behind my new campaign - Anal Cancer - Anus funny as you think - to get people to say it and get over the stigma - which in turn will allow people to talk about it and raise awareness (I hope!) Anyway - I'll get off my soap box, for now. Good job on your interview! :)
AM/FM radio is held to much tighter standards than TV, satellite radio or print mediums. TV frequently breaks George Carlin's "7 words" rule, while it's an automatic fine for a radio station. That being said, when you're talking about medical procedures and use the medical terms, I would think that the station would have more latitude and could avoid a violation. Thanks for spreading the word about the Big C.
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I recall a time last year when the HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation in the UK had a comment page for one of the fund-raisers, and every use of the word "anal" was turned into * by the webmaster. Not that long ago you could not say "breast cancer." I just talked to a newbie who is telling her family that she has "colorectal" cancer, which seems to be ok. But she doesn't!!! She has ANAL cancer!!!

I guess we have to say "Farrah Fawcett cancer?" GRRRR
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Everyone has one!!! I strongly object to the use of "asshole" as an insult.
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Sounds like we need a new name for our cancer, one that you can pronounce on the radio.
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I feel the shock every time I say anal's like people don't have an anus. You are not alone :)
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Not meaning to be funny here, but I wonder if the FCC would allow us to used the term "poop chute" on air. ??????????????????????????
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I do believe I may have been tempted to pull a Howard Stern moment! Cannot say anal, REALLY????
I am a little punchy with no sleep, I just picture how Howard would have handled it, if you have seen his movie, you know what I mean, lol
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I was listening and you did a great job!
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