Here It Is: Anal Cancer in Newsweek!



Sabina sent you a hug.
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Hi, Michele--The link isn't live on my version of this post. Is there a way for you to re-post it as a live link? Thanks!--Lucky
Lucky, just highlight the link, click to copy it, then paste it in your browser.
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Yay! Great article! Thanks Michelle😃
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Thank you. I've already forwarded it to friends.
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Great article - finally! Although you should have been featured more, Michele😉 I'm forwarding also....
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What a great article. I'm with Chris, if there is ever anything I can do to help raise awareness, count me in!!!
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Great article! Thank you for sharing!
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What a relief! I am not the only one who suffers from the alienation.
A big thanks Michelle.
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Thanks Michelle!
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Butt what a good article to shine the light on AC for the 99% of the population that haven't heard of it or its symptoms. Job well done Michele - knowledge is key. MGBY, John
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Knowledge is power! Thanks so much for sharing!
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Thanks, Michele! Great article!
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So proud of my Soul Sister!!!
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Fantastic job! You are very brave to speak up in a national forum. God knows how many people you may help with this. Keep up the good work my friend!
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Yessss!!! Finally, a light in the darkness. I applaud you Michele for your bravery and tireless efforts! No doubt you have already saved lives by bringing the HPV vaccinations to public attention.
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Great article!
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Amazing Michele!!
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