A Disaster of Epic Proportions

I have had a very hectic work week. This girl is tired. So much so that this girl decided not to go out with her girls group for drinks and dinner last night. I e-mailed my apology to my understanding friends and poured myself a glass of wine to settle in and watch some mindless television awaiting 8:30 pm to arrive so I could simply go to bed. I pursued the movie channels looking for something that would help me pass the time. I was delighted to find “The Day After Tomorrow” (TDAT) was already in progress and set to conclude at 8:15. “Just perfect!” I thought.

For those who don’t know me and my personal tastes, I love a good natural disaster movie and TDAT fits the bill nicely. It’s a movie about sudden climate change and how the characters struggle to survive as the world they know ceases to exist in it’s former glory, succumbing to a new Ice age. There are a multitude of heroes in the mix. Some of them are “most unlikely”. In the end, some people die and some prevail over the odds stacked against them.

It got me to thinking about my cancer and all that has been endured by cancer patients everywhere. Cancer is a natural disaster of sorts. It’s a sudden change in how our wondrous bodies work. It’s a million stories of the struggle to survive as lives change forever. Like a solar system whose planets suddenly misalign and they are no longer able to travel in their previous orbits. And like any good disaster flick there are a multitude of heroes in the mix with some of them falling into the “most unlikely” category. In the end some people die and some prevail over the odds stacked against them. Cancer, by all definitions, is a disaster. It’s a disaster of epic proportions. 

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You are so right
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The hard part is getting to sleep after a disaster movie - or a diagnosis! HUGS
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I don't share your taste in movies - I prefer Pride and Prejudice over and over! But I love your writing and analogy - perfect - thank you!
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I agree and like anyone who goes through a disaster, when you emerge from the other side, you are changed forever.
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PTSD. We all have it. In the explosion and fire we loss and burned more than one body part. The coping and the fight continue. War on you brave and strong soldiers!
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Well put. I'm glad to see it wasn't a real recent, new disaster but a movie one!
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Cancer is a disaster and a war, hence the PTSD, and the camaraderie that we all share. I could never figure out the tight bond that all the WWII, Korea, Nam, etc soldiers share - THEN I got it- when you're damn life is on the line, you experience something that only others in a life and death situation also experience- it makes us all brothers and sisters of the cause- we GET IT- we understand at least a little bit of what others went thru- some easier than others, some more difficult, some reoccur, some disappear, some are lost in the battle, and new members are added to our ranks in the never-ending war on cancer. I think we need a "VFW Post" or the like for cancer warriers to share their 'war stories' with friends could can understand. Thanks to Jill for hosting our own Cancer Sucks VFW Post "Blog for A Cure". We're all in this together- none of you are ever, ever alone.
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I love disaster movies too. And sci fi/horror movies and I adore Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and Downton Abbey!! Cancer is a personal disaster movie and we are unwilling actors. To be honest there are so many times that I think "Did that really happen"? Or "what the hell just happened to me"?! I am over two years out and so astonished at the turn my life has taken. Not in a good way. A hurricane roared through my life and changed everything forever. It takes a community to rebuild. Maybe some national guards, FEMA, Red Cross, neighbors . I would love for a Dennis Quaid to arrive and fly me to safety. But I will just climb out from the debris, begin to clear the destruction and see what can be salvaged.
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So true!! The nice difference is that the outside world can actually become nicer for us. :) Be well.
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I love your writing!
Thanks so much!
I like the way you think and the way you are able to get your thoughts into words. Louisiana, our home state, has been hit with so many disasters recently. How interesting to think of my cancer diagnosis in terms of a natural disaster.
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I'm more of a comedy or romantic/comedy person. But I couldn't agree with you more about cancer being a disaster. We could all write a script that would blow peoples' minds.
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This is an excellent analogy. I think. Thank you for sharing it. I hope you have gotten some rest? (next time, don't wait for 8:30. Just go to bed already! :> )

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Sometimes its just good to curl up and watch TV. Another great blog Michele and you are a great lady of epic proportions, thanks for sharing your beautiful mind:) hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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Well put it is a disaster of epic proportions!!! Continued prayers!!!
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