We Have a Plan

I saw the pulmonologist on Monday. She looked at the scan itself with her own eyes (not the written report). Well crap...she doesn't like how it looks one bit. It's no where near where my radiation was, so it's not extending rad damage.If it is an infiltrate (like an infection) I should be coughing my head off.  It's out in the lateral part of my right middle lobe. It is small so that's the good news - we caught it early. It is small so that's the bad news - a little too small to biopsy accurately. Here is the plan: Short course of antibiotics, just in case it is an infection. Repeat Chest CT in 3 weeks. Good news is my summer vaction will proceed as scheduled and I will still be able to attend PCQL lobby day in Washington DC at the end of the month. 

Make a plan. Have a plan. I like a plan. We have a plan.

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I have often said that I would rather work a plan that I hate to the core of my being than to not have a plan. Praying for you!!!

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Sounds like a plan💜😊💜
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I hope it goes away like Helens.
I am visualizing it shrinking right now.
Hugs Jean
Many years ago I had a chest x ray as part of a physical. The office kept calling me to come in as I had pneumonia, according to the doctor who read the film. I felt FINE, no temp, no SOB, no anorexia, nada. So I didn't go. They kept calling. I did nothing.
Moral of the story: the films sometimes lie. Keeping my fingers crossed that this is the case with you, and poof, it will be unseen on next film. XX
Sounds like a plan.
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You are amazing Michele. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Sending prayers that this little blip will disappear all on its own. Poof, gone! That's my wish for you, my friend!
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Plans are always good. Enjoy your vacation and try not to worry about the repeat scan.
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what is pcql in dc? I am going this coming monday and tuesday for pancan advocacy and lobbying...my first time. Taking the train to DC on Sunday, father's day. and my son just invited me, but, i will see them when i get back. glad you have a plan. always good to have a plan. just always have an eye out for Murphy's and his law. Be well, enjoy your summer plans. if you will let me distract you from all your anxieties for two minutes and 34 sec..go watch my facebook post of me singing a song i just wrote...called either bubbles and burps....or gotta tell some one... neal klein on facebook... no pressure.... lol...be well
LOL I will go look!
PCQL is Palliative Care Quality of Life.
And I hope the outcome of that plan is: spot is gone after antibiotics. Hope you enjoy your vacation, Michele!
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Well, damn. But at least you have a plan that involves vacation and if it is cancer, it's small. Still hope it's nothing!
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A plan is a good thing and I "plan" on praying that all is fine!
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Small. That's a nice adjective in this case. i hope your plan keeps anxiety at bay for these 3 next weeks. You're a tough nut to crack so I suspect you have that wrapped up. Steadfast prayers are headed your way.
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I have a friend who had surgery to remove one of her kidneys and adrenal glands due to cancer. She had a small blip show up on her scan shortly after surgery. They decided to wait and watch. They rescanned a few months later.It ended up disappearing on its own. I am praying yours will be the same!
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Michele, you must have watched the "A-Team" in your late teens- you remember George Peppard- Hannibal Smith and his favorite saying: "I love it when a plan comes together" - well sounds like you've got a decent plan coming together and it involves vacation, so good for you! MGBY, John
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Sounds a good plan to me. Go and enjoy your vacation. I had to have biopsies following my annual mammogram. Went away for a glorious two weeks. Got back & the nurse rang to say it was just "fatty tissue" Hugs Annabelle xx
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Plan is ALWAYS good. Praying whatever scan picked up is gone at recheck.
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Sounds like a plan. I will pray that, in the end, the little sucker goes away.
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Sending prayers that it is nothing and you are healed!! XOXO, Lenae
Far Out. 😀
We have been waiting for your next post to see how the scan went .. we have you in our thoughts and purrayers, hoping for some good news soon from you. Hugs :*)
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